Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

What a great weekend we had!!! My human niece, Hannah, was over and she took me for a ride on her bike. I felt like the helmsman on a ship ... woohoo!! The worst part, though, Mommy got out her Sheep Sheers (yep, she has them) and gave Jack and I a "helen keller" cut!!! That is what Auntie Sue Hentschel (a professional groomer) calls it. Oh well, Mommy likes clean and Jack and I are clean. Anyway ... here are the pictures. Hannah and me in a great pose and then me watching out for potential danger (star ship Enterprise) ... and then, yep, Jack ... nekid Jack ... bless his heart.
Love to all of you ... hope that your Memorial Day was great. If you have served, are serving or have a loved one who is serving ... THANK YOU.
Colonel Minnie Mouse
Yorkie Brigade

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hooray for spring ....

.... because I don't have to wear these hellacious pawsitively nasty, ugly and everything else poopie pink snow boots that my mother INSISTS that I wear outside when I have to go .... powder my nose. Can you believe this??? OMG what would Mary Margaret O'Brien say if she saw these ... oh the horror ... the pupmanity ...

That is okay ... THE DEVIL DIVA will get her for this. I am one PO'd (Personally Offended) Yorkie Diva ............ Minnie Mouse