Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Much to be Thankful for

The last few weeks have been very trying. Grandpa had the most horrible, nastiest fall that I could have ever imagined. He had to be taken to the hospital, nothing broken, just badly bruised, BUT he had to go back to Canada as he has to go to a Long Term Care Facility. Mommy said that is somewhere people have to go when their families cannot take care of them anymore. I have had to be SPECIALLY kind to Mommy as she has cried a whole lot and it has hurt her heart. I can tell this because when I put my head next to chest, I can hear her heart crying.

Mommy went to see Grandpa and that made her feel MUCH better because she could see that he was happy and feeling pretty darn OKAY. He just loves to sit in his easy chair recliner (Mommy dragged that ole' thing 500 miles to where he is at) and my Uncle John made sure that he has a TV. Uncle John goes to see Grandpa 2 - 3 times a week to make sure he is okay and has special treats that he likes. Gee, I wonder if he likes the Milkbones I like ... I will have to send him some!!

Despite the changes for Mommy, she still cuddles us and loves us all so much. We are all well and getting ready for the holidays. We hope that you are all OKAY and have a lot of fun and a lot to eat on Thanksgiving!

Oh, here is a picture of Mommy and Grandpa at Niagara Falls about 5 days before his bad fall!!

Love y'all!!