Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mommy loses EVERYTHING

Okay, I love my Mommy a whole bunch, but she loses EVERYTHING. She lost tickets to Disney, her digital camera and one of her rings. The thing is ... she is pretty neat around the house, but what scares me is she asks ME to help her look. Mmmm, hope she doesn't check eBay. (teeheehee)

Love Minnie Mouse

Holdidays are gone

I know that I haven't posted very much, but Mommy has been very sick with what we thought was a cold, but turned out to be "namoaneeya". She has been hacking and coughing and growling and howling for about 7 weeks. She is on a new "aunteebiotic" and she seems to be getting better. I really hope so.

We have had some WEIRD weather here. Snow and cold ... warm and tornadoes. It is confusing me. Christmas was very quiet because Mommy was sick, but still working her "treeaching" job. I did get a little bit of beef and rice, though ... YUMMY.

I promise to write more this year, just gots to get everyone healthy here.

Bless everyone!

Love Minnie Mouse OXOXOX