Monday, August 13, 2007

The Bath

Today started out so lovely. The temperature was great ... 80 degrees, humidity was low. This is the first day like this in 10 days. Mommy took me outside and played with me ... I was one happy doggie ... then it happened. She got out the clippers ... I knew that it was going to be bad. Sure enough ... she shaved me ... clipped me ... cut and filed my nails ... cleaned my ears ... brushed my teeth ... did something TOTALLY unspeakable to my little hiney ... then the worst. She stuck me in a tub of water, soaped and conditioned me ... granted I am absolutely lovely and I smell fabulous, but this was NOT my favourite activity.

To make matters worse ... my big brother Raggamuffin was also cleaned and he LOVED it ... he LAID QUIETLY on the grooming table and enjoyed it. Grrrrrrrr ... Mommy did this outside and ALL of the neighbours could see ... er ... ah ... if they wanted to.

There should be a law against this.

Pouting rather feverishly
Minnie Mouse

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot like H - E - double hockey sticks

"This heat is oppressive". That is what Mommy walks around and says. She said that it would hurt little furbabies like my two brothers and I. She won't take us out for walks, so she plays with us in the house to give us a little exercise. When I have to go outside to do my uh-hem "business" it feels like when Mommy opens the oven it is so hot. So, I am just hanging here in the "air-conditioned" house and "chillin". Oh ... today is my buddy Lucie's 1st birthday. She lives in Caracas, Venezuela. I would LOVE to be there for her birthday party. Mommy says it is too long of a drive. Oh well. My birthday is on New Year's Day and I will be 3. Anyway ... Happy birthday LUCIE. Feliz Cumpleanos!!

Love Minnie Mouse