Friday, October 5, 2007

The New Guy in my life.

Well, as some of you fine folks know ... my brother Raggamuffin was "robbed ... burgalerred ... dognapped" from us about a month ago. Mom and I were very unhappy ... well, it is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG story, but Mom got me a new buddy. Jack ... that comes from "one-eyed" Jack. He is totally blind and has a neurological disorder that makes him wobbly. He is a Puppy Mill rescue ... his first few years were pretty rough until he got to his foster home. His Foster Mom, Dorothy, was pretty cool and did him very well. She waited TWO years until the RIGHT forever home came along and that was my Mommy and me. Jack is pretty cool and pretty smart. He knows how to go potty outside a little better than me (00ps). He is able to find my Mommy just by her calling him and he even climbs up and down the stairs of the back porch. He loves to wrestle with my Mommy, but MOST of all he loves to cuddle with Snickers, Mommy and ME, of course. Here is a picture of Jack and his Foster Mom, Dorothy. We all need to honour folks like her as she does Furbaby Rescue!! In other words ... Dorothy is an ANGEL!!!!
You can see how much Jack loves her and he should as she saved him. Now he is in his forever home with all of us.